Valmed provides healthcare professionals with a visionary tool and facilitates its usage.
Prof. Valmed® is the pioneering CE-registered (official approval expected in Q3 2024) tool that provides healthcare professionals with validated medical information through innovative AI technology as a medical co-pilot.
Valmed A(I)cademy® is the companion educational training platform for healthcare professionals providing medical knowledge and the link to AI.

Our Vision

„AI will not replace healthcare professionals, but the healthcare professional using AI will replace the ones not using it!“

Dr. Vera Rödel,

Managing Director

The Valmed Universe in 155 seconds

Prof. Valmed® and Valmed A(I)cademy® in a nutshell

Saving valuable time for healthcare professionals requiring reliable, high quality data.

Valmed A(I)cademy®
  • Educates healthcare professionals, fostering knowledge in medical digitalization and AI.
  • Teaches AI, digital transformation, ethics, decision support, and data privacy.
  • Offers flexible online courses tailored to specific medical fields, e.g. neurology.
  • Provides CME-accredited courses for license and certification maintenance.